Using Your MBA to Start a Web Design Business

Generally, people who pursue their MBA online have some vision of a top floor executive office. They are longing for the corporate America position and paycheck. Perchance, though, you pursued this business degree because you have entrepreneurial dreams of your own. Maybe you wanted that piece of paper to give credibility to the web design business you have been longing to start. If so, we’ve got some information for you that can help you acquire those dreams!

Creating websites is one thing, selling that design is another. You need to learn how to sell your website fast. After all, who doesn’t want money in their PayPal account inside 24 hours of listing the ad? If you are in no hurry, there are three other options to sell your website. Of course, your customers will be paying you to design their sites. But, just in case you bought up a bunch of .coms back in the day, look into Flippa, Empire Flippers, and Wired Investors. The previous link will give you all the information you need.

It’s time to focus on creating that business, now!

Using Your MBA to Start a Web Design Business

Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Web Design Business

Freelancing with your skills is a fun past time and may offer you a little extra cash. However, getting prepared to go all out and make your business your sole occupation is a daunting task. Consider some of this advice from people who has already stepped out on that limb:

  • It’s a commodity– There are a lot of choices for customers. Too many do-it-yourselfers, and easy entry, make it a niche everyone wants a piece of. Make sure to use that MBA degree to your advantage, proving you know a little more about the business world than your competitors.
  • Not everyone makes a good salesman– It may seem like an easy topic, sell your talents and skills, but it isn’t. Good salesmanship takes time. It is definitely an acquired gift. Learn more about being a salesman here.
  • You’ve got to prospect for business- Sales can’t happen if you don’t have anyone willing to meet with you to discuss what you have to offer. You need to actively pursue your customer base.
  • Cold calling can work– New business can actually be obtained by cold calling, even though many people suggest it doesn’t work.
  • You have to have results– People aren’t buying your HTML skills. They want to see the results of those skills if you are going to convince them to go with you.
  • Your competition might shock you– You might think it is the big firms stealing your clients. But, the truth is, they probably decided not to do anything at all. Try to determine whether that is an option before you waste too much of your time on a prospect.
  • Quit with the proposal writing– They take up your time and don’t guarantee you will get the deal. Instead, make the sale and then prepare the proposal as the contract. Read this to understand how to close a deal.
  • Avoid “on completion” payments– Clients can delay the process indefinitely by not providing all the content you need. Then you will never see a payday. Make them invest in the process financially, and they will be more likely to participate in all other areas.

These should be a great starting point of advice for your web design business dreams. If you need more help, read this.