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4 Easy Steps to Build an MBA Study Space in Your Room

Most of us like studying but don’t bother to open our MBA textbooks unless it is a week before exams. The reason behind this delay: procrastination. One way to combat procrastination is to do the undesirable task for five minutes, with your undivided attention. You will see how in a span of just five minutes you can get immersed in any task.

As an MBA student, there is one question many ask themselves, and that is “why do we procrastinate?” This issue has no one particular cause, as several things trigger procrastination. Maybe you are dreading the outcome of your work. Therefore, you delay doing it.

Another reason is the lack of schedule and space. If you are an MBA student, you first require disciplining yourself, by making a proper study timetable with adequate time assigned for each task. In addition to a schedule, you need to have a study corner as well. A space in your room designated just for studying. Once you make a study corner, you will notice the increase in motivation to study.

To make things convenient for you, here is a step-by-step guide for building a study space in your room:

  • Step 1: Get a study table and a comfy chair.

You cannot sit in an uncomfortable chair and expect your brain to concentrate on work. Hence, the first thing you need for your study corner is a desk, where you can put all your supplies and books. Make sure to get a desk with spacious drawers for books, as it will save you the cost of a bookshelf.

4 Easy Steps to Build an MBA Study Space in Your Room

You require to a have a suitable seating arrangement too. So, get a chair to go along with your study table. However, don’t make the error of purchasing a simple wooden chair because it will numb your butt. Instead get yourself a swivel chair, not only are swivel chairs comfortable but they making studying fun as well.

  • Step 2: Make sure to have all the essential study supplies.

No matter what age you are, buying new study supplies is always an exciting experience. They help in boosting our motivation to work. Plus, it’s nice to have a well-stocked study corner rather than searching for stuff all over the house. So, make a list of all study items you need which should include the necessary stationery supplies such as pencils, pens, erasers, pencil sharper, glue stick, spiraled notebooks, sticky notes, stapler, dictionary, scissors, paper clips, calculator, and ruler. Other useful study supplies include washi tapes, bookmarks, index cards, construction paper, and folders.

  • Step 3: Properly lighten the area.

Sufficient lighting is an essential part of a study area. One cannot study properly in a dimly lit space. Dull light not only hinders our ability to read but it negatively affects our eyesight as well. Therefore, make sure to have an adequate amount of lighting in your study corner. Floor lamps and desk lamps are the best and most convenient sources of illumination; they are cost effective and energy efficient. You can get a modernly designed TaoTronics Desk Lamp for your study table. It is sleek in design and occupies little space. The features of the TaoTronic Desk Lamp include multiple light modes, a USB port for charging your phone while studying, and energy efficient LED lights. You can learn more about lamps on gigalamp.com.

  • Step 4: Electronics and other non-study items you will need.

Apart from the table, chair, stationery supplies, and lamps, there are several other things you must have on and near your desk such as a laptop/PC, printer, socket, a pen holder, etc. You require having a dustbin too, preferably a mesh trash bin because they are durable and inexpensive. While studying you need to keep yourself hydrated, so make sure to have a bottle of water with you all the time.…

MBA online

Where to get your MBA online

Getting an MBA online degree is a popular way for young businessmen and entrepreneurs to obtain an education without having to attend campus. Many students juggle different responsibilities in their lives, such as work and family, that render them unable to attend university on a regular basis. This is where online degrees come in.

Where to get a Canadian online MBA degree

Quite a few respected business schools in Canada offer would-be students the opportunity to pursue an online degree as well as providing their current students with the option to switch to an online course if they suddenly find themselves no longer able to attend. Choosing between universities is often mostly a matter of personal choice and available means for a tuition fee, but some might find that they prefer to enroll in a university inside their own city even if they won’t necessarily be attending it.

Thompson Rivers University is an example of an institution offering their business students the option to either attend campus, get an MBA online degree or pick a combination of the two. Their courses are known for flexibility and the university being invested in accommodating the students’ schedule.visit the school http://find-mba.com/news/2015/04/university-of-kansas-to-launch-an-online-mba today!

Operating out of University of Fredericton, the Sandermoen School of Business is a well-renowned business university offering several fully-online courses to prospective students.

Those who don’t mind being forced to attend campus sometimes can opt for the Sauder School of Business in University of British Columbia. Needless to say, this is a great choice for any students in BC and the nearby areas.

Athabasca University has been offering a highly-regarded online business degree for two decades, making them somewhat of a pioneer in the field of online courses. Their courses are mainly focused on those students who have a experience in managerial positions or, alternatively, already have an undergrad degree, whether it is a business-related one or not.

Differences in online and offline degrees

Some people believe that offline degrees hold more value because the student needs to attend university and interact with teachers on a regular basis. These people somewhat discredit the possibility that one can receive a complete education exclusively over the internet.
However, this is rarely the stance of employees in the field of business. In fact, having an MBA online degree will often mean that the student was already an experienced businessman in his or her own right – most often holding the position of a manager for some time – which will only further qualify them in their employer’s eyes.

MBA online

Those still concerned with the internet’s capability of providing them with a full education can always opt for a mixed degree. This is a type of degree that will have you do most of your work online while taking oral and written exams on-campus, as well as potentially attending some other important faculty events. This presents an ideal compromise for many, as it serves as a way of getting an MBA online degree while still getting the experience of attending a university on a semi-regular basis.…