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Using Your MBA in the Automotive Industry

Valued at $5.1 trillion two years ago, the automotive industry could prove a lucrative area to focus your MBA prowess in. Using your MBA in the automotive industry might sound like a bit of a sellout. After all, most people who go to school for their MBA dream of becoming CEOs and such. But, who’s to say those kinds of opportunities aren’t available in the automotive industry?

Even shade tree mechanics understand the value of research and will undoubtedly read comprehensive obd-2 scanner reviews before making a purchase. And, if you are getting into the automotive industry you should understand those kinds of things. But, since we’re not here to give you a mechanic’s lesson, we’ll simply tell you that these scanners reveal what the “check engine lights” represent. That helps the mechanic determine what needs to be done to keep your car functioning properly. So, now it’s time to get your MBA functioning properly in this arena as well.

Using Your MBA in the Automotive Industry

Let’s Get Serious About the Auto Business

Mercedez-Benz France’s business development manager. Gregory Burgues, got his start in the industry while in engineering school. But, he chose to return to school to get his MBA after working for BMW France. He felt this would offer him more opportunities. He is currently hoping to move up the ranks within the company in the near future.

Another gentleman, Sushant Kumar, got his MBA to help stakeholders get better benefits out of the agricultural machinery industry. He was specifically focused on tractor and construction equipment. While that might not sound like an automotive area, the truth is, these items are vehicles too. Thanks to his MBA, he has been able to help transform the business model to a more profit centered approach. Learn more.

And then there’s Henry Asenso. His employ has been within the automotive parts sector of the industry. He chose to pursue his MBA because he saw the potential for entrepreneurialism within the parts sector. Of course, he is hoping to makes strides towards management with the company he is currently employed by, Unipart Automotive.

The Advice You are Looking for

Since we’ve introduced you to these successful MBA recipients, we thought it might be beneficial to offer you the advice you are looking for. Therefore, we have taken some of the information recorded in this article to help you determine whether the automotive industry is right for you:

  • Burgues says that he suspects MBAs will, “help change the future thanks to their very open-minded visions.” He believes that the abilities they have developed help them adapt to a variety of personalities. And, he adds, that the enthusiasm MBAs exhibit will be the catalyst for innovation and design.
  • Kumar agrees that MBAs are valuable in the industry. He is specifically interested in their ability to work on sales teams and thereby increase market shares for the company. He also thinks they will be useful in the area of branding and improving the efficiency of the supply chain.
  • Asenso was less than enthusiastic due to the fact that there are very few, if any, programs specifically designed to assist an MBA wanting to enter the automotive field. However, he did admit that many businesses utilize MBAs for short term projects and he hopes those will lead to future opportunities.

If you’ve been thinking about getting your MBA, but you’re not sure what field is best suited for your interests, feel free to read this.…