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Business Schools That Offer the Best MBA Degrees

If you’re confused about where you should do your MBA from, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of 5 top business schools (in no particular order) that offer the best MBA degrees in the world.

  1. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore — Nanyang Business School

Area: Singapore

Average starting pay: $80,300

Average GMAT score: 665

Nanyang’s twofold MBA and graduate degree programs enable students to acquire a synchronous degree from accomplice business colleges, for example, a second MBA from Waseda University in Tokyo or a master’s in management from France’s ESSEC Business School.

Business Schools That Offer the Best MBA Degrees

All students finish a weeklong Business Study Mission, locally or abroad, in which they go to workshops with industry pioneers, meet with nearby business affiliations, and visit organizations. The study mission gives students a chance to construct proficient systems and apply what they learn in the classroom to real life situations.

  1. University of Toronto — Rotman School of Management

Area: Toronto, Canada

Average starting pay: $88,400

Average GMAT score: 663

The Rotman School of Management is the main Canadian MBA program on our rundown, offering students the best business reputation in the nation. It draws hiring specialists from Toronto and past, including organizations like the Royal Bank of Canada, Bain and Co., IBM, Microsoft, and Accenture, among others.

The school began its own venture incubator in 2012 called the Creative Destruction Lab, and Rotman MBA students are entrusted with giving analysis and knowledge to the lab’s new companies. Its first companion has produced more than $165 million in value esteem.

One highly competent person who has done his MBA degree from University of Toronto is Mark Dubowitz. Mark is the CEO of Foundation for Defense of Democracies as well as an expert on Sanctions against Iran. He has authored and co-authored over twenty studies on economic sanctions – and is one of the best MBA graduate University of Toronto has ever produced!

  1. College of Wisconsin — Wisconsin School of Business

Area: Madison, Wisconsin

Average starting pay: $100,700

Average GMAT score: 668

Late alumni from the Wisconsin School of Business commonly landed salaries higher than $100,000, and 90% secured work within three months of graduation. The small program — WSB has less than 200 full-time MBA students — gives students individualized consideration from the school’s specialists: teachers, staff, visitor speakers, and others.

  1. College of Minnesota — Carlson School of Management

Area: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Average starting pay: $106,400

Average GMAT score: 690

There are 17 Fortune 500 organizations headquartered in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region, giving Carlson MBA students access to a world-class business group. The greater part of Carlson graduates go ahead to vocations in counseling (24%), shopper products (16%), and human services (12%), and they join a system of more than 53,000 graduated class in 95 nations. Outstanding graduates incorporate Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf and Target COO John Mulligan.

  1. China Europe International Business School — CEIBS

Area: Shanghai, China

Average starting pay: $76,200

Average GMAT score: 690

Shanghai is China’s top financial and economic powerhouse, and CEIBS places students in the heart of everything. 66% of graduates remain in Shanghai, and 21% go into financial services. CEIBS, set up in 1994, has been named as China’s driving business college for its worldwide concentration and wide assortment of custom fitted electives. The school likewise joins hands with Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy for students who need to pursue degrees in law, hospitality management and health administration.…

Tech Pros with MBA Degrees in the Medical World

This might seem like an odd combination to some, but those that are well acquainted with the business world would know that this isn’t such an unlikely combination, rather, this is one that is actually quite demandable in many sectors, as a person who happens to be both a tech expert and has a MBA degree can come in handy in different areas of work. There is one in particular that we would like to talk about, and that would be the medical sector.

Tech Pros with MBA Degrees in the Medical World


As unlikely as this combination of all 3 different and diverse fields may be, they actually complement each other quite well, and one extremely useful example of that would be MedInformatix, which is an organization that offers its services to the IT sector of the medical world. Unusual, is it not?

Well, if you really think about it, it isn’t that unusual or unheard of, as there are other companies which provide similar services to people of the medical field. After all, with the advancement in technology and medicine, one also needs to update the systems of record keeping as well. You can check out their site to learn more about that.

Work sectors these people can go into

For someone working in the healthcare sector with both tech knowledge as well as a MBA, it is only obvious that these type of people will possess a set pf skills that will be very different from those possessed by people working in either of the 3 fields. It’s also obvious that because of their wide range of knowledge, they will find work in diverse fields, and instead of pinpointing something out in particular, here’s a wider perspective of the types of fields one can get into.

The field of education, is one that is usually open for almost every sector, and in this case, a person with both a MBA and IT skills will sure have quite a lot to teach. It is also said that the number of jobs in the field of education in this sector will grow in the future, and it is clear as to why something as such is bound to happen.

Since these people have a good communication and writing skill, they have a wide range of options for them in the healthcare sector, and worst case scenario, even if one does not find a job in the healthcare sector, they can always make one. By this we mean that they can always choose the path of an entrepreneur and cater to the field of medicine.

Additionally, you also end up possessing the skill of organization and detail orientation. This is a major plus point for any job sector that requires accuracy and organization, as those who are already trained in these skills will easily be able to settle in a job environment that require these skills in particular.

These are just some of examples of the types of skills that such people possess and the sectors in which their skills would come in handy. For other options. Check out http://www.rasmussen.edu/degrees/health-sciences/blog/must-have-health-information-technology-skills-to-get-ahead/