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Try Using Calendars to Simplify Your Online MBA Student Life

We understand that you are working towards your MBA degree. We get that your form of “college” is being performed online. But, we also know that if you don’t keep everything connected and scheduled properly you are going to end up wasting a lot of time and forgetting to do some of the more important things. So, try using calendars to simplify your online MBA student life. We will explain how very soon.

Get your November calendar templates, and those for every other month you’re in class, printed out. This is important. In fact, download them to your computer, multiples of each month, as that’s part of the plan for this scheduling design. Calendar Zoom can provide you all your template needs. Ensure that you have at least 6 copies of each month you are taking classes. Then get a binder so that you can keep things in order.

Try Using Calendars to Simplify Your Online MBA Student Life

6 Calendars You Need to Create to Stay on Task

Multiple calendars might seem a bit crazy. But, if you organize your life by calendar topics it will be easier to locate the important events and dates. If you put everything on one calendar, it could get jumbled. Then you will be frustrated and choose not to use it at all. So, here are the 6 calendars you need to create to stay on task (and you can print them free from the link above):

  1. Work– Your work schedule is probably pretty set in stone as an MBA online student. However, you could employ this calendar as a means of keeping track of meetings and deadlines that are specific to work. That way you’ll know which days to dress up or call in sick.
  2. School- Anything and everything related to school will go on this calendar. You can list your assignment due dates, projects, and exams. You can also add professor office hours and group study times.
  3. TV/Podcasts- College kids, whether they are right out of college or studying for their MBA online, are slammed to the hilt with things to do and little money to do them. Therefore, scheduling in a little entertainment via your favorite TV show or podcast is advisable. You will need to take a break from the books and the business drivel sometimes. But, maybe you want to listen to business school podcasts. If you do, go here.
  4. Facebook Birthdays and Events– School has a tendency to get us focused on ourselves. This means it is really easy to allow our friend’s birthdays and events to slip right on by. But, if you have a calendar specifically for those moments, you will be a way better person for it.
  5. Friends and Family– If you are going to ever have the chance to plan fun things with your family and friends you will need to know their schedules as well. We’re not talking about getting all stalker-ish. But if you know someone works late on Thursday, write it down so you don’t try to plan an event for that night. Or if your kids have soccer on Saturday mornings, plan the beach excursion around that. Learn more about scheduling with family.
  6. Personal Time- You have to make time for you and if you don’t schedule it in on a calendar, you will invariably forget to do so. Set some time aside to do the things you love.

If you need additional help getting yourself organized, please read this.…