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Bankruptcy and How it Helps Your Business

Bankruptcy is a deeply emotional and overwhelming process, and its reputation for being bad for business precedes it. Many people wonder – if there a bright side to bankruptcy? The answer is yes. However, bankruptcy should always be your last business trump card, since the cons can outweigh the pros very easily depending on each individual case there is. Bankruptcy can be a huge coin toss, resulting in bad credit, unemployment and many other red flags in your business ventures in the near future or even long-term future.

With that said, bankruptcy can be the most viable option in a given situation, and in such a case, you have to understand that there are certain advantages to bankruptcy. Here are the benefits of bankruptcy that you may not have been aware of:

Bankruptcy and How it Helps Your Business

Bankruptcy and How it Helps Your Business

Get rid of credit annoyances

One of the advantages of bankruptcy is that you can finally dismiss any annoying repetitive phone calls from creditors. Once you’re approved to file for bankruptcy, your creditors are not aware of this fact, so you have to be well-informed about the different companies you’re involved with, and aware of the time, date and number of calls different creditors put in. Make sure to make each collector aware of your bankruptcy status, so that any harassment on the part of collecting companies and creditors can be legally halted.

Get a chance to countersue

This advantage ties in with the first one. The idea is that keeping track of your collectors and creditors, as well as their number of calls, is actually beneficial in terms of the law. When you file for bankruptcy and creditors are made aware of the fact, they are legally obligated to stop calling. You have to keep track of the number of calls so that if the calls exceed the legal limits, you can actually bring it up with the federal authorities, and you will even have reason to strike a countersuit against the creditors so that your debt is completely erased.

Get a clean slate

Another bright side to bankruptcy is the fact that you get to with a brand new start while leaving behind any previous financial or business constraints. Once you are able to show and prove that you do not have the ability to pay any portion of your debts, your slate will be cleaned for a better business opportunity.

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At Kentner Wyatt, LLC, attorneys understand the needs of their clients. Bankruptcies can seem abrupt and sudden, and leave you feeling confused and stressed. With no solutions or knowledge of dealing with collectors and creditors, professional help is a must-have to get you through to a new beginning.

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