Scholarships for MBA students

MBA students

The tuition fees for business degrees can be among the priciest ones out there, so scholarships for MBA students are a highly sought-after commodity. They’re not the easiest to find, but with a bit of searching, you might just end up finding the right scholarship to help you go to the university of your dreams.visit us now!

Types of scholarships

Both locals and foreigners can have some luck finding scholarships for MBA students, but it’s not always the easiest task. Whether a scholarship is available is generally up to the university in question, and when it is, oftentimes certain criteria needs to be met in order to have a chance of getting one.

If you are an exceptional student or have some notable accomplishments to your name, you can try getting a Dean’s Entrance MBA Scholarship at the renowned Sauder School of business. As its name might suggest, it is awarded to the very best and most driven business students.

The same university also offers a different scholarship called the Responsible Business & Community Spirit MBA Scholarship. This one is awarded to a different group of exceptional students – those with strong interest and accomplishments in the fields of sustainability and social entrepreneurship.

Yet another Sauder scholarship, the UBC MBA International Talent Scholarship is awarded to foreign students coming from a variety of regions, including Mexico, Russia and the UK. However, as is the case with their Dean’s Entrance scholarship, these foreign students must also be exceptional at what they do and have some academic achievements to their name.

Sauder School of Business also has a vested interest in helping women become businesswomen, as seen by their Women in Business MBA Scholarship. However, being a woman is just the start – applicants will need to go through a series of rigorous reviews that will assess their academic achievements and their knowledge, drive and ambition.

Rotman School of Management, another respected business school, also offers a Women in Financial Services scholarships to female candidates based on their merit. The same university also has a general scholarship called the John A. Tory MBA Fellowship, awarded to candidates showing excellence and outstanding capabilities.

Fees and other schools

Most scholarships range from 10,000 to 40,000 CAD – enough to cover some tuitions in their entirety, but not all of them, as some schools’ tuition fees can reach numbers as high as 70,000 CAD or over.

Also, the above list of scholarships for MBA students isn’t comprehensive – it covers some of the largest and most well known universities, the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto.

MBA students

If you don’t have the means to pay for a tuition and aren’t eligible for scholarships at either university, don’t give up and continue searching, visit With enough drive and motivation, you have a good chance of finding a smaller university – whose courses are just as good as those of larger institutions – that offers scholarships for MBA students that you will be eligible for, potentially allowing you to receive an education free of charge.