How to Overcome the Challenge of Performance Measurement in Entrepreneurship

While you are studying for your MBA you will be faced with a lot of implacable challenges.  Running a business is no simple task and mastering all the skills required for running a business is one of the first challenges that you will face.  You will learn a lot about business management, startups and improvements while you are studying.  But the one thing that a lot of MBA curriculums only brush on is performance measurement.  Performance measurement is one of the most critical parts of running a business successfully.  It is also one of the hardest things to do for your own business since it can be so hard for you to be objective when it comes to your own business that contains so much sentimental value.

How to Overcome the Challenge of Performance Measurement in Entrepreneurship

Why performance measurement is so important to entrepreneurs

Performance measurement is a skill that very few entrepreneurs have.  The ability to measure your business current performance is incredibly important because the data resulting from this analysis is invaluable for various parts of your business like the following;

  • For choosing the right and most successful marketing strategy
  • For analyzing the performance of a specific product or service
  • To see if a dramatic change in the business has positive or negative results
  • To evaluate your general business health
  • To improve your ability to create accurate future projections

Without proper performance measurement your business will be completely lost and you as an entrepreneur will fail.

What does performance measurement involve?

Proper performance measurement involves a lot of steps like the following;

  • You must understand the purpose of performance measurement in your own business
  • Be able to map measurable results
  • Design meaningful measures
  • Build buy-in measures
  • Implement these measures
  • Interpret signals from measures
  • Report performance measurements
  • Reach your performance targets

Each of these steps have to be researched and implemented carefully and the result of each performance enhancing decision needs to be evaluated so an entrepreneur can see if the business is on the right track or not.

Performance measurement made easy

Students that simply cannot seem to master this section of their MBA degree don’t have to worry much at all because there are simpler solutions for performance measurement like to get a professional to do the performance measurements, implementations and evaluations for you.  Stacey Barr is one of these entrepreneurs experts that can do jut this for you.  She can evaluate your business current performance, make accurate conclusions about where change can be made and implemented and will then evaluate the result of these changes so your business can flourish and grow at optimized level.

One of the first experiences you will obtain as you become an entrepreneur is that entrepreneurs don’t have to do everything in their business themselves.  Sometimes it is much better to get an expert to do these hard or odd jobs for you so you can focus on other parts of your business.…

Two successful business men shaking hands with each other .

Maintaining a Study and Party Balance During Your MBA

College life is something you tend to miss once you have graduated. The friends and memories made are things you cherish for the rest of your life. However, if you aren’t careful it is easy to go overboard with the partying in college. Leaving you with excess hangovers and bad grades. We have some tips for you to help you get the best of both, your studies and partying.

Studies come first

In college, you will have plenty of opportunities to go to parties. From frat parties to house warming parties, there will be numerous opportunities for you. However, it is important you know when to party and when not to. The first few weeks are perfect, that is when the study load is quite light and you are just getting the hang of the course and what not. You can use this time to get some partying out of your system. Towards the middle and end of the semester is when you really need to buckle down and study. Otherwise you will risk your chances of getting your desired grades.

Don’t drink too much

Parties are all about drinking. No matter which party you go to, you will have kegs ready for you to chug down. You need to be smart about how much alcohol you consume at these parties. Even with the excess amount of alcohol available for you, you need to keep your consumption as low as possible. Hangovers make it very hard to study and not only that concentrate in class. So be sure not to party the day before your class otherwise the whole class will be a waste if you are hungover.

Another problem with drinking too much at parties is getting too intoxicated. Many students still choose to drive afterwards. Driving under the influence is not only dangerous but also against the law. So be sure to take proper precaution and have a designated driver if you do decide to drink. If you are caught drinking and driving or need assistance with any case regarding it then you can contact Kansas City DUI lawyers.

Stay in your limits

By the time you are doing your Master’s you have already had a taste of the college life. So you know your own limits of how much you can party without overdoing it. So it is important that you stay within those limits. Master’s degree are much tougher than Bachelor’s and therefore you are required to be attentive in class and do the proper course material otherwise chances are you will not pass your classes. So you may need to be extra careful and take even more precautions to achieve the goals you have set out for your Master’s.

A Master’s degree is quite an accomplishment and no piece of cake. That is why most students really tone down the partying once they start their Master’s. You should know your own limits and party accordingly so that it doesn’t affect your studies.…

Tips for Becoming Financially Ready to Start Your Business

Starting a new business with your recently achieved MBA is certainly an admirable aspiration. However, understanding how that’s done can be overwhelming. You will need to ensure that you are fiscally ready for that endeavor. So, take advantage of these tips for becoming financially ready to start your business.

First, if you are burdened by debt, whether it be from obtaining your MBA, or for other reasons, contact DCL Consolidation Brokers. They understand that sometimes debt sneaks up on you. But, with their help you can make a plan for paying down that overwhelming debt which will make a huge difference when it comes to your personal business dreams.

Tips for Becoming Financially Ready to Start Your Business

Getting Financially Ready for Your New Business

Eliminating your previous debt is essential to getting ready for your new business. And, once that is achieved you can move towards all the other steps necessary to get the business up and running. It may take you a little while to get fully prepared to be ready to go through these processes to ensure you are well on your way to making that dream a reality:

  • Calculate your startup costs. Don’t just leave the company you currently work for and hope that a business will build itself. The SBA (Small Business Administration) estimates that you will need roughly $30,000 to get that business off the ground. However, this cost can vary based on what you intend to do and where you are located. Some businesses cost considerably more while others are significantly less. Learn more.
  • Determine your living expenses. Now that you have your debt under control, it should be a lot easier to live off of less. But, all aspiring entrepreneurs need to plan how to support themselves in the initial stages of business development. It often takes a while for a new business to become profitable, and health insurance is quite expensive. These are all things that need to be taken into account.
  • Build up your credit. You are going to need funding to get this thing going and no one wants to fund someone with a poor credit score. Or, if they do, their interest rates will be astronomical and hugely prohibitive. Make sure you have the credit to prove that you are a worthy risk for any potential investors. Read this.
  • Think through your taxes. Self-employment taxes are very different from those associated with working for an employer. You will have to pay those taxes plus the regular federal and state taxes that are assessed. Considering your tax obligations will be key to determining how and when you are ready to begin the business. Make sure you track all your expenses and any potential write-offs as these will help reduce the amount you pay in taxes each quarter.
  • Do your research. Everyone wants to see their business become a hugely profitable part of their lives. However, one of the biggest mistakes first time entrepreneurs make is miscalculating their profit margins. You have to know what your projected profits will be so that you don’t over invest in a company that can never pay you back. On the flipside, you don’t want to under invest and run out of product either. Research is the key to knowing how much you will need and when.

While you don’t have to be independently wealthy to own your own business, you will have to be smart about your future and current financial situation. You can learn more about starting a business here.…

4 Easy Steps to Build an MBA Study Space in Your Room

Most of us like studying but don’t bother to open our MBA textbooks unless it is a week before exams. The reason behind this delay: procrastination. One way to combat procrastination is to do the undesirable task for five minutes, with your undivided attention. You will see how in a span of just five minutes you can get immersed in any task.

As an MBA student, there is one question many ask themselves, and that is “why do we procrastinate?” This issue has no one particular cause, as several things trigger procrastination. Maybe you are dreading the outcome of your work. Therefore, you delay doing it.

Another reason is the lack of schedule and space. If you are an MBA student, you first require disciplining yourself, by making a proper study timetable with adequate time assigned for each task. In addition to a schedule, you need to have a study corner as well. A space in your room designated just for studying. Once you make a study corner, you will notice the increase in motivation to study.

To make things convenient for you, here is a step-by-step guide for building a study space in your room:

  • Step 1: Get a study table and a comfy chair.

You cannot sit in an uncomfortable chair and expect your brain to concentrate on work. Hence, the first thing you need for your study corner is a desk, where you can put all your supplies and books. Make sure to get a desk with spacious drawers for books, as it will save you the cost of a bookshelf.

4 Easy Steps to Build an MBA Study Space in Your Room

You require to a have a suitable seating arrangement too. So, get a chair to go along with your study table. However, don’t make the error of purchasing a simple wooden chair because it will numb your butt. Instead get yourself a swivel chair, not only are swivel chairs comfortable but they making studying fun as well.

  • Step 2: Make sure to have all the essential study supplies.

No matter what age you are, buying new study supplies is always an exciting experience. They help in boosting our motivation to work. Plus, it’s nice to have a well-stocked study corner rather than searching for stuff all over the house. So, make a list of all study items you need which should include the necessary stationery supplies such as pencils, pens, erasers, pencil sharper, glue stick, spiraled notebooks, sticky notes, stapler, dictionary, scissors, paper clips, calculator, and ruler. Other useful study supplies include washi tapes, bookmarks, index cards, construction paper, and folders.

  • Step 3: Properly lighten the area.

Sufficient lighting is an essential part of a study area. One cannot study properly in a dimly lit space. Dull light not only hinders our ability to read but it negatively affects our eyesight as well. Therefore, make sure to have an adequate amount of lighting in your study corner. Floor lamps and desk lamps are the best and most convenient sources of illumination; they are cost effective and energy efficient. You can get a modernly designed TaoTronics Desk Lamp for your study table. It is sleek in design and occupies little space. The features of the TaoTronic Desk Lamp include multiple light modes, a USB port for charging your phone while studying, and energy efficient LED lights. You can learn more about lamps on

  • Step 4: Electronics and other non-study items you will need.

Apart from the table, chair, stationery supplies, and lamps, there are several other things you must have on and near your desk such as a laptop/PC, printer, socket, a pen holder, etc. You require having a dustbin too, preferably a mesh trash bin because they are durable and inexpensive. While studying you need to keep yourself hydrated, so make sure to have a bottle of water with you all the time.…

How to Keep A Check on the Traffic of Your Business Website

Over the past several years, businesses have moved online. What once was impossible to think, is actually happening now. Most of the customers now find it easy to interact without having to go to the offices and meeting people face to face. They like to sit at home and just log on to their computers and get the work done.

It is true, indeed that this has made businesses more efficient and even more productive, but a tiny problem remains. If you are a businessman wanting to see how much users you attract in a month and how many of these users are actual buyers of your product, you require having a smooth system that allows this. Try these ways to track your website’s traffic:

1) Memberships

You can add a membership page on your business website so that your regular customers can sign up on it. A better method to do this is by using a membership WordPress theme. There are numerous membership themes on WordPress you can use to make your website more efficient.

How to Keep A Check on the Traffic of Your Business Website

You have to ensure the theme you are using is according to your needs specifically. The top few themes are a bit expensive, yet they have amazing features which would make your work very easy. The more sophisticated ones can be used for several businesses.

There is no restriction on the kind of business that they are compatible with. Likewise, these themes have a paid member’s option which further segments your customers into the more loyal and one-timer ones. You can access and see the top 10 WordPress themes for a membership site. Some of these are Thrive, Forte, and LoveStory.

2) Registrations

Registrations are similar to memberships, but in these, there is no distinction between the paid and the unpaid ones. If you desire to identify the number of folks who visit your website and have a genuine interest in your products, you can add a register for free option.

By doing this, anyone who visits your business website would first have to register and then proceed. Once people made the account, they can log on to it whenever they would like to access the site. The number of individuals who log in later and the times they log in in a week can also be useful information when you are evaluating how your business is doing.

Before adding the registration button, you should be aware that in the beginning, your sales might fall. Various people are not fond of making accounts on business websites.

3) Writing a Review

Customers who regularly visit your business website would be glad to leave a review of the products, services and your website’s performance as the whole. That can be a good way of learning what your customers think of your business and how many are regular buyers.

You can add a separate section named ‘feedback’ where the customers can leave their thoughts and comments. To ensure individuals do look at this section, you can allow them up to three tries to search for products. If they would like to look for other products, they first have to leave a review and only then can they access the other things.

4) Keep a Customer Counter

There is a lot of new technology and software that allow you to count the customers who visit and buy stuff of your business website. If you want a general view of how your website is doing, this is a good way for you.

It is a traditional method of keeping score, but over the years it has been proven that various folks who visit sites tend not to buy anything from them. So if you would like to check your customers, this might not be a beneficial method.…

Use Your MBA Degree to Financially Benefit from Your Timeshare

If you are tired of throwing all your money on hotels, then a timeshare is just the thing you need. Timeshares are holiday properties with divided rights-of-use or ownership, so it is also called a vacation ownership. In simpler words, timeshare is a vacation time in a resort (mainly condominium units) where you share the ownerships of the accommodation with other people. In timeshares, multiple parties hold the right to use the property, after they purchase it. Hence, the total cost of housing is equally divided, and you do not have to spend any additional money. Each owner is allotted a limited period to use the resort. The minimum purchase time of timeshares is a one-week ownership, and you can pick the week from a timeshare calendar.

Therefore, use your MBA and find out how buying a timeshare is the most economical choice one can make. As it is a pocket-friendly pre-paid vacation where the owner pays for only his stay in that house. It is just like buying a vacation home without having to bear all the costs by yourself.

Use Your MBA Degree to Financially Benefit from Your Timeshare

Timeshares are a growing business with thousands of hotels, motels, and resorts getting swept off the market by holiday lovers. If you are a timeshare owner then here are the three ways you can make and save some money from your timeshare:

  • Rent Out Your Timeshare:

Many people are making money by renting out their owned usage time, but first, you must check in with the property owners to see if it is right to rent your timeshare. It is a good way to bring some money by utilizing your timeshare. Moreover, it makes the timeshare a sort of an investment. Renting out the owned usage time also helps you with the annual fees and maintenance charges of the timeshare. You can easily rent your timeshare to family and friends who are looking to have a good time on a budget. With your MBA degree, you can be your agent and find suitable buyers for the housing.

  • Sell Your Timeshare:

If you are tired of using your timeshare, you always have the option to sell it. If you have an Occidental Vacation Club membership which you want to sell then is one of the best websites to get the job done. The Occidental Vacation Club has over 23,000 resorts from Aruba to Mexico. Hence, there is an extensive resale market on which provides timeshare memberships to first-time users. Often people feel stuck after purchasing a timeshare; they feel like they have suffered a financial loss and won’t get a good price if they sell their timeshare. Now, it looks like all your worries have been taken care off!

  • Use The Money You Save Elsewhere:

While purchasing a vacation ownership, you save lots of money which would’ve otherwise gone into paying rents of motels, hotels, and their room service. You can use it to your advantage. Don’t buy a timeshare in an emotional frenzy. Many people buy luxurious timeshares in a spur of the moment but regret their decision later. Knock that business mind of yours for some ideas. First, look for a timeshare that meets your needs and make sure not to fall for grandiosity. It is preferable to buy a timeshare during non-vacation seasons, as the purchasing price will be lower. If you want to stay economical, then you can purchase a timeshare from the resale market.

Hopefully, the previous inside tips will help you save a lot of money which you can then use to make more money by investing it in some venture, or starting your own business.…

The Benefits of Hiring a business Accountant

For every business, big or small, it is important to make sure that the accounts are kept in good order. There are many reasons why we should hire a business accountant to take care of our accounting needs. They may vary depending on the nature of the business, but more or less, most of them are the same. Below, we are going to look at the benefits of hiring a business accountant:

For starters, you might be a very good person at business, but lack financial skills. Business accountants are there to handle your finances for you while you take care of the general management of the business.

As a new business owner, you might need advice on financial planning and financial structure guiding the business operations. There is no better way to get this advice than from hiring professional business accountants to do the work for you. They can guide the business to achieve the maximum potential with cost effective efficiency.

The Benefits of Hiring a business Accountant

Business accountants also come in handy in the event that the company handles many employees and also has several expenses. They can help to come up with a payroll system, come up with budgets to suit your goals, and advice on any other ways that you can make the business financially viable such as offering alternatives to expensive purchases and procedures. Accountants can also give advice about loans and investments that are best for your business and goals.

Bookkeeping is another reason that you would want to hire a business accountant. It involves keeping records of all financial transactions related to the business such as sales and purchases, bank balances amongst other things. This enables one to budget properly and see where the company is headed financially.

You have to make sure that your business stays on top of things because you wouldn’t want the IRS breathing down your neck due to tax issues. Professional accountants know just how to handle such situations, even when it comes to providing advice on tax related issues. Gone are the days when you have to try figuring out which forms to fill, and for what purposes. Let the professionals take care of that for you. This way, you won’t raise the IRS’s brows for things you don’t understand.

Finding a Small Business Accounting Service in Toronto

We are now going to focus on finding a Toronto small business accountant. This is the ultimate guide to choosing the right business accounting service for your small business.

Things to do when hiring accountants

Get referrals

Referrals are some of the best ways to get business accountants because usually when someone offers a referral, it means that they know how that particular person performs. Working the other way round, the accountant will also feel that they have to be on top of their game to prove their worth.

Determine your business needs

What is your reason for hiring an accountant? Is it to offer you advice, or someone to file your tax returns? It is very important to know the reason why you’re hiring your accountant, and the sooner that you can realize that the better. This way, there will be a clear understanding and expectations between you and the business accountant. Knowing exactly what you expect is essential before hiring an accountant. Also make sure that the accountant has the necessary credentials for things like signing financial statements.

Get licensed candidates

Accountants come in three categories, depending on their educational qualifications and duties, Chartered Accountants (CA), Certified Management Accountants (CMA’s) and Certified General Accountants (CGA’s). CA’s offer services including start up counselling and insolvency counselling. CMA’s integrate accounting expertise with advanced management skills, while CGA’s duties range from providing insights into financial statements and reports to overseeing internal accounting processes.

Determine accessibility

You wouldn’t want to hire an accountant that is not available. It would be better to go for someone whose team will be at your disposal whenever you need it.

How much are you going to be paying them?

Every firm has its own payment plan. Some charge hourly, others a fixed charge for certain services. You should know exactly what their terms are to avoid unpleasant surprises later. Inquire about their charges and also go with your tax returns so that they know exactly what they are coming to offer you.

Has the accountant done any work in your industry before?

The best accountants are those with some experience in your industry, since they will be knowledgeable of the business laws and regulations. You can ask them to refer you to other clients that they have worked with, just to be sure.

Is the accountant a business owner or been one?

An accountant that is in business or has been in business before is bound to provide you with better advice than something they learnt in school.

Are they tech savvy?

Nowadays, everything seems to have gone digital and most of the accounting is done on computers or other devices using software. You would want to go for one that keeps up with the industry standards. You can check to see if they are on social media, and how active they are so as to gauge their views on technology.

How much risk can they tolerate?

Overly aggressive people could be the undoing of your business, even though it may sound like a good thing at first. Go for creative people that work within the rules and regulations.

Make sure they stay in touch with you

It is your business, and you want to know everything that happens. That is why you’ll want to get someone that will keep you up to date, even when they come up with new ideas.


The business is yours, and the ball is in your court. Getting a professional do handle your accounting for you could be the difference between financial freedom and financial doom.…

How to Start An Online Business After Your MBA

Want to put your MBA degree to use and start an online business but clueless as to how you should take the first step? Throw your worries away as we are here to help you out regarding the initial steps of starting an online business. Read below!

  1. Choose The Type of Online Business You Want To Do

Before you jump right into things, it would be a good idea to evaluate your choices. Prior research on different online business ideas can help you put things into perspective and make the best possible choice for yourself.

How to Start An Online Business After Your MBA

We suggest checking out online business ideas for beginners that will provide you with a list of limited but highly beneficial online business ideas ranging from consulting to blogging to freelancing to selling items online and a lot more. Not only that, you also get details on each idea and how you can get started on Bengu.

  1. Know Your Market

One of the greatest keys to accomplishment with an online business is to know the market you are (or need to be) in.

What are their greatest wants and needs? Where do they invest their energy on the web and how might you contact them? What are the correct words and key phrases you need to address with them?

The better you know your market, the more achievement you will have contacting them with the correct message and offering them the correct items and services. You don’t really have to be an expert in your market and you can learn as you come: yet it’s great to have some information about the market you need to be in as a business.

  1. Register Your Domain Name

Your domain name is your unique address on the internet. It is your bit of licensed innovation, much the same as a patent or a trademark. There are various domain name registration sites (organizations that enlist domains) online where you can buy your domain.

A few of them even offer “free” domains with a hosting package or another purchase. One of those organizations is Bluehost Web Hosting, which offers a free domain name with the purchase of a hosting account.

While a significant number of these are honest to goodness, make sure to affirm that the domain is enlisted in your name. In the event that the domain is enrolled in the enlistment centers name it might be troublesome, if not impossible, to change to another hosting organization without losing your domain.

Likewise, in case you’re outsourcing your site to another organization you’ll need to make sure that you really buy the domain name and it’s enlisted in your name and isn’t possessed by the organization you are outsourcing with. Two extremely well known domain name registrars are and

  1. Discover a Web Host

A web host is the organization that basically will “lease” you space on their servers to have your site. These organizations normally offer domain registration and it’s frequently easier to have both from the same organization – however many individuals will purchase their space with one organization and host it with another. Essentially your web host is the place you will transfer your pages, pictures, recordings, and so forth.…

How MBA Students Can Take Effective Study Breaks

Research shows that taking a break from studying enhances your efficiency, fixation, vitality, and imagination, and revives your mind so you get more out of your study session. Study breaks are especially beneficial for MBA students who are always overburdened with study materials. There are a few powerful approaches to take a break from studying in light of your own inclinations, and on what works best for you.

Plan short breaks into your current study plan. Take one 15-minute break each 50 minutes to an hour and a half to rest and energize your mind. Your brain can concentrate for a most extreme of a hour and a half before it needs a break due to the ultradian rhythm.

How MBA Students Can Take Effective Study Breaks

In the event that you do exercise or play a game, ensure you don’t feel excessively damp with sweat, tired, or awkward a short time later. It’s best to stay with a moderate energy activity rather than a vivacious one.

In the event that the weather isn’t great or on the off chance that you would prefer not to go outside for any other reason, consider including some indoor physical action. Even walking or running set up for a couple of minutes ought to give you a fast jolt of energy.

Clean and tidy up your study region. Mess, for example, free papers, coffee mugs, and waste can be distracting, and keep you from having the capacity to completely focus and relax while studying. Use free time to discard waste and expel things you don’t require from your work area.

In the meantime, remember this ought to be a break. On the off chance that cleaning your study zone appears like a long or requesting process- – something to fear – it may be best to avoid this action amid your break time and spare it for after you complete this study session or before you begin tomorrow’s session.

Have a conversation with somebody. Conversing with somebody face to face or via telephone helps get rid of the monotony of the continuous study session, and distracts you from studying when you require a break.

Simply ensure you’re ready to quit talking once your time is up. Pick somebody who is understanding and willing to end the conversation early- – a parent, for example, or another companion who can arrange their study plan with yours. Quickly clarify that you’re on a time limit, set your clock of course, and keep away from overwhelming discussions that are probably going to stretch out past your break time.

Play some music. If music is what relaxes you then go for it. You can pay whatever musical instrument you like. Be it a piano, a violin or a guitar. We recommend playing a guitar as it has shown to release the highest levels of endorphins in your body aka happy hormones. So when you’re on a study break, grab your esp eclipse ii and play your favorite song on it. You can even sing along if you like. We suggest you purchase an ESP guitar because it is worth the investment. Not only will it last you a long time but will also maintain its quality throughout the years.…

How to Market Your Online MBA School Website

The marketing of a website is very important as it is what will determine the rate of success. With many websites out there, especially websites also offering inline MBA courses, you have to go an extra step to make sure that your website is able to stand out. There are many web strategies that can be used as without strategies again it is impossible to achieve success. Marketing can also get very expensive and hence it is good to come up with a good plan so that you can do effective marketing at an affordable rate. Before coming up with a strategy it is important to first determine your niche and the message you are trying to convey. Then you can come up with a marketing budget and plan. Some of the strategies that can be used to market your website include:

Web Design

This is the first thing that customers will use to create an impression of the business. Hence the design should be done well. It should not offer too much information but at the same time it should be able to convey the right message to the target audience. The site should be clean and simple at the same time with the right colors and fonts. It should also have updated information, have social media sharing links and should be mobile friendly.


Search engine optimization is how your site ranks on search engines after a search. Most search engines will weigh the information on your site and use it to rank your site when there is a search. To make sure your site ranks well, the right keywords should be used. You can also pay to be feature in search engine results.

How to Market Your Online MBA School Website

Affiliate marketing

As much as affiliate marketing cannot work for some businesses, it works for most.  You should have an affiliate program whereby people who are interested in your company or affiliated to the school can share information about your company on a commission based platform.

Use articles or news stories

You can write engaging content on your blog or on other blogs or sites as a guest writer. This will increase the visibility of your site and make others interested in your site. It can be a way of attracting others to your site.

Use social media marketing

For any website to be a success, social media marketing has to be used. That is why you need social media plugging on your site. Share to the right sites where you will find potential clients. To achieve even more success you can opt for paid ads, as much as they might be costly, they really pay off. Because people like visuals, make sure you upload good pictures and videos of the school which will spur interest on your site. Using promos, vouchers, discount codes, are also a great way of bringing people to your site and making them interested in your business. Make sure you have a subscribing option.…