When Applying for an MBA, Own Up to Past Mistakes

Nobody likes bringing up their past, and especially if they are mistakes, academic or otherwise. This is particularly so when one is applying for a place at an über-competitive business school. Failing to address obvious weaknesses, such as a low GPA or gaps in employment history, does more harm than good in the end. It is important for one to be upfront about their foibles since it is the best way for them to know how to tackle them in the future, and it will actually increase chances of admission. Below are some of the things that MBA applicants face and how to deal with them.

When Applying for an MBA, Own Up to Past Mistakes

Explaining a Layoff

Many people think that if they tell about their lay off, it will most likely reflect negatively and raise a red flag. It is likely that the committee will notice the employment gap that you’ve been out work. If I were to bet, I would bet that they would wonder what you did during that time since layoffs are common nowadays based on the economic recession that many countries are going through. Keep the explanation short and sweet and draw the attention to how you bounced back, whether you went ahead to open your own business, or went to volunteer.

Handling a low GPA

A low MBA would make the admission committee wonder if you would be able to handle pressure from the MBA. The best way to handle this is to take pre-MBA courses to boost your quantitative profile and remove any concerns about you not being able to handle the MBA.

Addressing a criminal record

Many M.B.A. programs ask a person to explain a mistake they made, or discuss a challenge you overcame. The most interesting candidates have faced difficulty and learned from it, preferably changing their behavior for the better. We took a youthful mistake and showcased a person determined to improve her life.

Admissions officers look for applicants who will succeed in their particular program, as well as in the world after graduation. Showing who you are, your potential, and even how you have overcome blemishes to your otherwise perfect record gives the school insight into your potential as a student and as a future business leader. We all fail sometimes, but the trick is to try to look at your failures through a fresh lens and figure out the good that came from it.

Take a look at the way that Stephen Collins tackled his situation. Stephen Collins was an actor in a popular television show, 7th Heaven, where he played a reverend and father. More than twenty years ago, he had sexual contact with minors, and since then has been undergoing therapy so as to understand why he did it, and how he can keep from repeating the behavior.

It was not Collins idea to have the information come out the way that it did. He was undergoing therapy with his ex-wife in an attempt to salvage their marriage. During one of the sessions, where he made his confession, she secretly recorded everything and then later released the tape to TMZ, bringing everything to the public front. What we should see here is that he had not been going to therapy regarding his acts due to public pressure but due to personal pressure even before the information became public.

This is what he had to say to Katie Couric, “I had dealt with them [the sexual incidents] very, very strongly and committedly in my private life. I think I’m a human being with flaws and I’ve done everything I can to address them.”

He also said, “I deeply regret the mistakes I’ve made and any pain I caused these three women. I admit to, apologize for, and take responsibility for what I did.”

He has been very sincere in his efforts to make things right as he addresses his shortcomings. This is one of the very reasons why we should forgive and support him. It is like for the past 20 years, he has been in a prison of emotional torture at his deeds. He has done everything right, and this included not apologizing to his victims since that would have opened up old wounds that might affect their lives. There are at least three ways as we will mention below:

  • Admitted to God, to himself, and to another human being the exact nature of his wrongs.
  • Made a list of all persons he had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
  • Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

He came to terms with what he did and acted to make it right. This is the very same way that MBA students should be. They shouldn’t try and hide their past mistakes but rather work at correcting them.…

Skills You Can Teach Yourself Online

The world of the internet has opened a lot of doors and opportunities to countless people. There are a lot of people who have acquired work online. There are also some who have learned different skills that are valuable for their line of work.

Probably one of the most important things that people can do online is actually earn their business degree. Unlike in the past wherein people would still have to go to colleges or universities to earn their degrees, right now, people can simply learn online.

Skills You Can Teach Yourself Online

For other people, they think that the most valuable skill that they can learn online is how to play Bitcoin Rush. The better they are at playing, the more chances that they are going to get extra money. It should be remembered though that when it comes to playing casino games, it should always be fun and entertaining for the player. This is a game that is meant to be enjoyed.

There are still other skills that you can teach yourself online that will be highly essential for you such as the following:

  1. Do home repairs.

There are some things that will occur at home that will need proper skills in order to do properly. It will be problematic when something happens to your lights and you barely have any idea about how you are going to fix it. Read up and research about the things that you should do when you have to do repairs around your house and you will be prepared the next time that something occurs without the need to call professionals.

  1. Learn how to code.

Do you realize that coding is considered to be a skill that is valued by a lot of companies? If you learn how to code and you become extremely good at it, it can be the start of an awesome career. It can be a bonus if you like coding too. The things that you are going to do will not feel like work. There are a lot of coding tutorials that you will find online. The more determined you are to learn, the more information you will find.

  1. Create your own website.

You may not think that you need a website now but having your own website in the big world of the internet can actually be useful. When you have your own website, you will be able to reach more people. Besides, the first website you are going to create may be just one of the many that you are going to create in the months to come.

  1. Learn a new language.

This may be one of the things that you will think of doing but unless you are passionate about the language that you are going to learn, you will not learn anything. Remember that learning a new language may be complicated especially if it is far from the language that you are familiar with but it can be essential for you as it will open up more opportunities in the long run.

Can you still think of other important skills that will be effective for you in the long run? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.…

Try Using Calendars to Simplify Your Online MBA Student Life

We understand that you are working towards your MBA degree. We get that your form of “college” is being performed online. But, we also know that if you don’t keep everything connected and scheduled properly you are going to end up wasting a lot of time and forgetting to do some of the more important things. So, try using calendars to simplify your online MBA student life. We will explain how very soon.

Get your November calendar templates, and those for every other month you’re in class, printed out. This is important. In fact, download them to your computer, multiples of each month, as that’s part of the plan for this scheduling design. Calendar Zoom can provide you all your template needs. Ensure that you have at least 6 copies of each month you are taking classes. Then get a binder so that you can keep things in order.

Try Using Calendars to Simplify Your Online MBA Student Life

6 Calendars You Need to Create to Stay on Task

Multiple calendars might seem a bit crazy. But, if you organize your life by calendar topics it will be easier to locate the important events and dates. If you put everything on one calendar, it could get jumbled. Then you will be frustrated and choose not to use it at all. So, here are the 6 calendars you need to create to stay on task (and you can print them free from the link above):

  1. Work– Your work schedule is probably pretty set in stone as an MBA online student. However, you could employ this calendar as a means of keeping track of meetings and deadlines that are specific to work. That way you’ll know which days to dress up or call in sick.
  2. School- Anything and everything related to school will go on this calendar. You can list your assignment due dates, projects, and exams. You can also add professor office hours and group study times.
  3. TV/Podcasts- College kids, whether they are right out of college or studying for their MBA online, are slammed to the hilt with things to do and little money to do them. Therefore, scheduling in a little entertainment via your favorite TV show or podcast is advisable. You will need to take a break from the books and the business drivel sometimes. But, maybe you want to listen to business school podcasts. If you do, go here.
  4. Facebook Birthdays and Events– School has a tendency to get us focused on ourselves. This means it is really easy to allow our friend’s birthdays and events to slip right on by. But, if you have a calendar specifically for those moments, you will be a way better person for it.
  5. Friends and Family– If you are going to ever have the chance to plan fun things with your family and friends you will need to know their schedules as well. We’re not talking about getting all stalker-ish. But if you know someone works late on Thursday, write it down so you don’t try to plan an event for that night. Or if your kids have soccer on Saturday mornings, plan the beach excursion around that. Learn more about scheduling with family.
  6. Personal Time- You have to make time for you and if you don’t schedule it in on a calendar, you will invariably forget to do so. Set some time aside to do the things you love.

If you need additional help getting yourself organized, please read this.…

Want to Use Your MBA to Start a Business? Here’s What You Need to Sell Online

Whether you have your MBA now or will be receiving yours soon, you may be excited about the prospect of turning your education into new business opportunities. One of the best ways to start a business and reach the widest number of customers is to ensure you have an online store. Whether you want to offer goods or services, an online presence makes you easier for potential clients to find and can make payment processing a breeze.

If you are ready to get your new online business off the ground or simply want to begin the planning stages, here is where to begin.

Want to Use Your MBA to Start a Business? Here’s What You Need to Sell Online

Create an Overview

The first step to starting a business is to understand what sort of business you want. Create an overview that describes the products or services you intend to offer, how the items or services will be delivered, and if you want to focus your efforts on specific locations. Without a clear overview of the nature of your business, it may be challenging to keep things moving in the right direction.

Produce Products or Define Services

Now that the overview is complete, you need to either create your products or define the services. For product-based businesses, you need to create a suitable inventory. The amount of inventory required varies depending on the nature of the business, whether items are customized or sent as is and whether products are perishable or shelf stable. Calculate your inventory requirements and work towards that goal before moving forward.

Services don’t necessarily require inventory in the same way unless your service requires specific items to be completed. If you have to use items as you provide the service, then make sure to have a suitable inventory of the supplies you require. Otherwise, review how your service is delivered and the tools required to complete the tasks, and make sure those needs are covered.

Build a Website

Depending on how comfortable you are with technology, you can choose to design the website yourself or higher a developer. Some websites provide easy tools for those who prefer the do-it-yourself approach, making basic tasks simple for those who aren’t familiar with the technical aspects of creating a site. However, working with a professional may give you additional options in regards to customization, which may be necessary depending on your business type.

Regardless of your approach, you will need to find and secure a suitable domain name for your business.

Merchant Accounts

To accept payments online, a merchant account may be necessary. This allows you to receive funds from customers by credit or debit card, allowing your business to exist entirely online. If you want to compare offerings that are currently available, refer to this site for some guidance: http://www.ist-e-next.net/merchant-services/merchant-account-comparison.html

Run the Business

Once everything is set, you can go into full operation mode. Accept orders, receive payments, and work with your customers. Just make sure to keep your website updated, and stay on top of your inventory needs. You can also begin directing some efforts towards marketing and customer discovery.

With your MBA in hand, you should have the knowledge required to get your business up and moving. So what are you waiting for? Gets your business moving forward today.…

Why MBA Students Should Also Learn About Different Hosting Solutions

Master of Business Administration is a terrific course to study.  You can do so much with an MBA.  You can work at top rated companies and earn a terrific salary.  You are sure to find a job in any town or city, no matter how big or small because as long as there are businesses, there will be jobs and with an MBA you can even start your own company and run your company completely successfully and smoothly without a worry.  But MBA students that have or plan on having online companies or large websites for their companies should also learn about good hosting solutions for their online presence so their companies will be ultimately secure.

Why MBA Students Should Also Learn About Different Hosting Solutions

Why hosting is important to future entrepreneurs

Like any business, your website, blog or ecommerce store should be built on a solid foundation.  If the hosting solution to your online site is not done well then your site will start to suffer, resulting in struggles for both you and visitors.   A better hosting solution for your site means that your site will be much more secure against hacking, your site will always be up and running and your site will be able to grow and expand smoothly without any hiccups.  With a good hosting package your site will also perform well no matter how many visits or viewers you get and no matter how much content is loaded onto your blog or website.  Web hosting knowledge is an absolute must for any entrepreneur that wants to make a success out of their online businesses.

What is managed hosting?

With managed hosting you have fewer worries and you don’t really need to study up on hosting quite as much because your hosting will be done by a professional company on your behalf.  Most hosting companies offer terrific services where they will do all the hard work involved in keeping your site up and running for you.  They will boost your website or blog’s performance so clients can access your information as quickly as possible.  They will enhance your site security so you will be safe from hacking and they offer sound backup solutions that will ensure all your data is completely safe no matter what.  With managed hosting you only have to maintain your site content while professionals will maintain your site’s upkeep.

Different types of hosting solutions

There are different types of hosting solutions that entrepreneurs can enjoy. Managed hosting in Europe includes;

Clusters – Clusters are ideal for websites, blogs or ecommerce stores that get millions of visits every month.  These clusters will ensure that even millions of visitors can smoothly navigate your sites.

Dedicated servers – Dedicated servers are great for companies and especially ecommerce stores because they are ultimately secure since you are not sharing your online presence with anyone.  They are reliable, fast and ideal for relatively large companies.

Cloud VPS – Cloud solutions are ideal for Windows and Linux users.

Shared hostingShared hosting involves sharing your server with others.  While shared hosting is not quite as fast and reliable as dedicated hosting, the affordability of this hosting solution makes it worth your while.…

Why MBA Students Should Give Gold Investment a Try

Studying MBA is a great way to secure your future because you are very likely to land a good job in just about any town or city.  But you are probably not going to get rich while doing administration for companies.  Perhaps you are one of the few lucky people who can make a great success from your life and career by starting your very own company.  Perhaps not.  Life is too unpredictable to carry all your eggs in the same basket.  The best way to secure your financial future is by seeking out other investment opportunities.  With more investments you are much more likely to make a big success of your life or at least live a much more comfortable life when your investments start cashing in.

Why MBA Students Should Give Gold Investment a Try

You are never too young to start investing

If you think you are too young to start investing then you couldn’t be more wrong.  The sooner you start investing the more you will learn about investing and the more likely you are of making a huge financial success of your life.  After all, imagine what you could do with a lot of money the moment you graduate from your MBA program?

Gold is the most lucrative investment around

There are lots of precious metals that you can invest in and there are lots of investment types that you can try such as business investments, stocks, bondages and much more.  But gold is probably one of the most secure investments you can make because the value of gold is constantly growing and there is always a market for gold.

Plenty of different ways to invest in gold

Gold is quite versatile.  You can invest in physical gold like gold bullions, gold coins, gold jewelry or vaulted gold or you can invest in non-physical gold by investing in gold stocks or gold trading companies.  It is however important to do proper research on the types of investments and to ensure that both the purchasing company and the gold product is secure so you don’t end up being scammed or cheated.

By investing you are securing your future

Investing in gold is great for securing your future.  When you invest in gold you are unable to use the cash for spending money and you are turning your small cash into big money by simply waiting for gold’s value to increase.

Gold investing is interesting

Gold investing can teach you a lot about economics and about how to do business which is terrific for MBA students because you will already practice your economical skills well before starting on your first job.

Learn how to invest in gold easily

So how do you invest in gold?  Well, gold investing is much simpler than you might think if you just have the right resources to your disposal.  What The Rich Invest In is one of the best websites to teach you how to invest in gold and for the best tips and tricks on anything related to gold investments.  By scouting this website you will quickly become proficient in gold investing and you can soon start cashing in on your gold investments.…

Using Your MBA to Start a Web Design Business

Generally, people who pursue their MBA online have some vision of a top floor executive office. They are longing for the corporate America position and paycheck. Perchance, though, you pursued this business degree because you have entrepreneurial dreams of your own. Maybe you wanted that piece of paper to give credibility to the web design business you have been longing to start. If so, we’ve got some information for you that can help you acquire those dreams!

Creating websites is one thing, selling that design is another. You need to learn how to sell your website fast. After all, who doesn’t want money in their PayPal account inside 24 hours of listing the ad? If you are in no hurry, there are three other options to sell your website. Of course, your customers will be paying you to design their sites. But, just in case you bought up a bunch of .coms back in the day, look into Flippa, Empire Flippers, and Wired Investors. The previous link will give you all the information you need.

It’s time to focus on creating that business, now!

Using Your MBA to Start a Web Design Business

Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Web Design Business

Freelancing with your skills is a fun past time and may offer you a little extra cash. However, getting prepared to go all out and make your business your sole occupation is a daunting task. Consider some of this advice from people who has already stepped out on that limb:

  • It’s a commodity– There are a lot of choices for customers. Too many do-it-yourselfers, and easy entry, make it a niche everyone wants a piece of. Make sure to use that MBA degree to your advantage, proving you know a little more about the business world than your competitors.
  • Not everyone makes a good salesman– It may seem like an easy topic, sell your talents and skills, but it isn’t. Good salesmanship takes time. It is definitely an acquired gift. Learn more about being a salesman here.
  • You’ve got to prospect for business- Sales can’t happen if you don’t have anyone willing to meet with you to discuss what you have to offer. You need to actively pursue your customer base.
  • Cold calling can work– New business can actually be obtained by cold calling, even though many people suggest it doesn’t work.
  • You have to have results– People aren’t buying your HTML skills. They want to see the results of those skills if you are going to convince them to go with you.
  • Your competition might shock you– You might think it is the big firms stealing your clients. But, the truth is, they probably decided not to do anything at all. Try to determine whether that is an option before you waste too much of your time on a prospect.
  • Quit with the proposal writing– They take up your time and don’t guarantee you will get the deal. Instead, make the sale and then prepare the proposal as the contract. Read this to understand how to close a deal.
  • Avoid “on completion” payments– Clients can delay the process indefinitely by not providing all the content you need. Then you will never see a payday. Make them invest in the process financially, and they will be more likely to participate in all other areas.

These should be a great starting point of advice for your web design business dreams. If you need more help, read this.…

How MBA Students Can Study Effectively

In today’s world the competition among people is increasing day by day. Everyone is running after success and is part of a never ending race.

In the modern era, no one is holding back whether they are employees in an organization or students. But to succeed and reach to a certain goal, there should be proper ways to achieve them. Just like to be a brilliant student, you need to follow certain things to compete with others. The article points out some amazing tips for MBA students that can be very helpful for them in every step they take throughout their student life.

How MBA Students Can Study Effectively

  1. Specific study time: What you should do is set up a proper time table for the whole week. Being a student, you should only study during the study time and concentrate on the work you are doing. Moreover, you should set one time for study throughout the week. Doing this will make you mentally prepared that your study time is about to start.
  2. Set a proper study space: The place where you will sit to study, make sure it is quiet and comfortable. Try to sit alone when you study this will cause no distraction. You can also listen to music when you are working on numbers.
  3. Avoid excess studying: Studying too much at one time will not make your effort productive. You ultimately lose concentration after a specific time span. Studying after that will exhaust you. So it is better to take small breaks to refresh your mind
  4. Try avoidance of interruption: Before you sit down for study, you should tell your friends and siblings not to disturb you during the study period. Once you are interrupted by someone, it is hard to get back and build up the studying temperament again.
  5. Take reasonable breaks: Studying for prolonged periods of time without taking breaks is not at all beneficial. In fact, it can actually make your efforts useless in the long run. It is important to take reasonable study breaks which can help you relax. One way to take a break is to just read a book and smoke. Drop the cigarette and grab a vape pen to get the best smoking experience. Vape pens are not only safer, but also help take the smoking experience to the next level. Make sure you grab the best vape pen such as this one: http://vaporsmooth.com/pax-3-review/
  6. Begin with the most difficult task: When you start studying try to start with the work you find most difficult. Once you sit down for study your temperament is stronger and doing the difficult task needs effort. You will succeed in performing the task as your mind is fresh firstly.
  7. Review and Revise: Once you are done with your work, go through it as many time as needed. Try to quiz yourself to better understand your concepts and learn the work properly. To better revise your work set up a practice exam to evaluate your learning and key concepts understood.
  8. Stay motivated: The last and important point is to keep yourself motivated by setting up an aim of your study. You cannot build interest until you have set an aim to do so. To keep yourself motivated, you can paste inspirational pictures and quotes in your study area to keep your morale high.

How to Succeed in Your Online MBA Program

The advent of online colleges and schools has opened the door to education for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a mom or a professional, online schooling allows you to achieve the degree you desire from the comfort of your own home. So, when you choose to work on an MBA degree through online programming, you should consider how best to succeed.

No one wants to spend the money for online school just to have to repeat coursework or see a glaring red F on an assignment. Therefore, it’s important to understand the necessary steps to giving your schooling all you can for success. And one such area involves sleep.

If you don’t have the proper rest, you’ll forget assignments and lose focus. That’s why you should ensure you have the best comforter available. Do some research on goose down comforters and pick one that will offer you luxurious rest so you can get up raring to go. Well rested students retain more information, score higher, and are generally happier.

How to Succeed in Your Online MBA Program

Other Success Tips

Rest is our first helpful hint for you because statistics show that most of us don’t get enough good rest. However, there are several other things you’ll need to take into consideration when it comes to striving for success. Here are some additional success tips:

  • Get Technical- Online school has some qualities that are unique. The technical requirements that must be met are far more specific than if you were attending a site based MBA program. Make sure that you have all the online tools and technology recommended for each course before you begin. Read more about great technology gadgets for college students.
  • Connect- Your instructors aren’t readily available via a classroom setting. So, you’ll have to take the time to reach out early on; learn email addresses and office hours. While you’ll probably have opportunities during video classes, or conferencing, to ask questions, you will find one on one support infinitely more useful. Don’t wait till the last minute to start an assignment because you might not have enough time to get the answers you need.
  • Schedule- Yes, you might get some professors who create very detailed schedules for you, but most won’t. The concept behind an online MBA is that you have to take responsibility for your work in your own time preferences. It’s probably a really good idea to block out a few hours each evening to log in and complete your school work. Otherwise you’ll find yourself spending all weekend trying to play catch-up. That will make school very unenjoyable. Don’t make extra work for yourself.
  • Organization- This is definitely attached to scheduling. If you organize your life around your assignment due dates, know where your notes are, and separate your emails, things should go a lot smoother. You don’t want to waste time trying to find things when there’s work to be done.
  • Workspace- Pick that one place you can go to that is devoid of distraction. No matter where you choose to study, Starbucks, the beach, your bedroom, ensure that when you go there you are able to remain focused on the task at hand. Keep it consistently stocked with everything you need, too. Click this to learn more about creating a workspace in your home.

If you need additional study tips, go here.…

Useful tips for MBA students

The curriculum for your Master of Business Administration can be grueling and if you are a new student there are a few things you might want to implement to make your studies a bit smoother. It is noted that there are many individuals that leave the working world to pursue their MBA degree online. This might mean that you have other commitments like a family and home life that will require your attention as well. In this event make sure that you are prepared by looking at these helpful tips.

Useful tips for MBA students

Prepare for your studies

It is great to be prepared for anything in life and this is especially true when it comes to your studies. Purchase reading and study material and books that are related to your studies to prepare yourself for upcoming semesters and lessons. You will make a great impression and give yourself the upper hand by being more prepared for your field of study. Also take notes during class, this is incredibly important to keep yourself informed and to understand everything that gets discussed by the lecturer. If you are studying independently join forums and community chats to stay up to speed.


Create a daily schedule and stick to it. It is incredibly important to stick the schedule that you make in order to keep up with your studies, especially if you are studying independently or part time. This field of study requires sufficient study and learning time and you should allocate and use your time wisely in other words time management is crucial with your MBA studies.

Study in the right environment

Your environment of study is incredibly important. Make the effort and invest in a dedicated area that provides you with the right lighting and temperature. You might want to take a look at what to look for when buying an air purifier in order to obtain fantastic information about air purifiers. This is a great device that will allow you to keep your study area well ventilated with fresh and clean air that will keep your brain sharp during your study sessions. Click here for more info about the right study environment.

Don’t cram study

Don’t cram too much information into your head in one session. An MBA degree has a lot of information and you are going to learn a lot. The best thing to do is to break up your study sessions which mean you will absorb more of the important facts and things that you have to remember for upcoming exams.  Click here for effective study methods for independent study.

Take breaks but limit TV time

Breaks are essential for any successful study session. Take time out by taking your dog for a walk or perhaps just sit in your garden for a few minutes. Taking a break should include a calming cup of tea and fresh air which will keep your brain fresh and give you the comforting environment you need after a rigorous study session. It is however not the greatest idea to watch too much TV.…