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How to Keep A Check on the Traffic of Your Business Website

Over the past several years, businesses have moved online. What once was impossible to think, is actually happening now. Most of the customers now find it easy to interact without having to go to the offices and meeting people face to face. They like to sit at home and just log on to their computers and get the work done.

It is true, indeed that this has made businesses more efficient and even more productive, but a tiny problem remains. If you are a businessman wanting to see how much users you attract in a month and how many of these users are actual buyers of your product, you require having a smooth system that allows this. Try these ways to track your website’s traffic:

1) Memberships

You can add a membership page on your business website so that your regular customers can sign up on it. A better method to do this is by using a membership WordPress theme. There are numerous membership themes on WordPress you can use to make your website more efficient.

How to Keep A Check on the Traffic of Your Business Website

You have to ensure the theme you are using is according to your needs specifically. The top few themes are a bit expensive, yet they have amazing features which would make your work very easy. The more sophisticated ones can be used for several businesses.

There is no restriction on the kind of business that they are compatible with. Likewise, these themes have a paid member’s option which further segments your customers into the more loyal and one-timer ones. You can access and see the top 10 WordPress themes for a membership site. Some of these are Thrive, Forte, and LoveStory.

2) Registrations

Registrations are similar to memberships, but in these, there is no distinction between the paid and the unpaid ones. If you desire to identify the number of folks who visit your website and have a genuine interest in your products, you can add a register for free option.

By doing this, anyone who visits your business website would first have to register and then proceed. Once people made the account, they can log on to it whenever they would like to access the site. The number of individuals who log in later and the times they log in in a week can also be useful information when you are evaluating how your business is doing.

Before adding the registration button, you should be aware that in the beginning, your sales might fall. Various people are not fond of making accounts on business websites.

3) Writing a Review

Customers who regularly visit your business website would be glad to leave a review of the products, services and your website’s performance as the whole. That can be a good way of learning what your customers think of your business and how many are regular buyers.

You can add a separate section named ‘feedback’ where the customers can leave their thoughts and comments. To ensure individuals do look at this section, you can allow them up to three tries to search for products. If they would like to look for other products, they first have to leave a review and only then can they access the other things.

4) Keep a Customer Counter

There is a lot of new technology and software that allow you to count the customers who visit and buy stuff of your business website. If you want a general view of how your website is doing, this is a good way for you.

It is a traditional method of keeping score, but over the years it has been proven that various folks who visit sites tend not to buy anything from them. So if you would like to check your customers, this might not be a beneficial method.…

Use Your MBA Degree to Financially Benefit from Your Timeshare

If you are tired of throwing all your money on hotels, then a timeshare is just the thing you need. Timeshares are holiday properties with divided rights-of-use or ownership, so it is also called a vacation ownership. In simpler words, timeshare is a vacation time in a resort (mainly condominium units) where you share the ownerships of the accommodation with other people. In timeshares, multiple parties hold the right to use the property, after they purchase it. Hence, the total cost of housing is equally divided, and you do not have to spend any additional money. Each owner is allotted a limited period to use the resort. The minimum purchase time of timeshares is a one-week ownership, and you can pick the week from a timeshare calendar.

Therefore, use your MBA and find out how buying a timeshare is the most economical choice one can make. As it is a pocket-friendly pre-paid vacation where the owner pays for only his stay in that house. It is just like buying a vacation home without having to bear all the costs by yourself.

Use Your MBA Degree to Financially Benefit from Your Timeshare

Timeshares are a growing business with thousands of hotels, motels, and resorts getting swept off the market by holiday lovers. If you are a timeshare owner then here are the three ways you can make and save some money from your timeshare:

  • Rent Out Your Timeshare:

Many people are making money by renting out their owned usage time, but first, you must check in with the property owners to see if it is right to rent your timeshare. It is a good way to bring some money by utilizing your timeshare. Moreover, it makes the timeshare a sort of an investment. Renting out the owned usage time also helps you with the annual fees and maintenance charges of the timeshare. You can easily rent your timeshare to family and friends who are looking to have a good time on a budget. With your MBA degree, you can be your agent and find suitable buyers for the housing.

  • Sell Your Timeshare:

If you are tired of using your timeshare, you always have the option to sell it. If you have an Occidental Vacation Club membership which you want to sell then is one of the best websites to get the job done. The Occidental Vacation Club has over 23,000 resorts from Aruba to Mexico. Hence, there is an extensive resale market on which provides timeshare memberships to first-time users. Often people feel stuck after purchasing a timeshare; they feel like they have suffered a financial loss and won’t get a good price if they sell their timeshare. Now, it looks like all your worries have been taken care off!

  • Use The Money You Save Elsewhere:

While purchasing a vacation ownership, you save lots of money which would’ve otherwise gone into paying rents of motels, hotels, and their room service. You can use it to your advantage. Don’t buy a timeshare in an emotional frenzy. Many people buy luxurious timeshares in a spur of the moment but regret their decision later. Knock that business mind of yours for some ideas. First, look for a timeshare that meets your needs and make sure not to fall for grandiosity. It is preferable to buy a timeshare during non-vacation seasons, as the purchasing price will be lower. If you want to stay economical, then you can purchase a timeshare from the resale market.

Hopefully, the previous inside tips will help you save a lot of money which you can then use to make more money by investing it in some venture, or starting your own business.…